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    Galileo without HDMI or Video interface  !!!!!


      i got my Galileo today to do some linux x86 testing but need to have it hooked to a monitor so i can  run the my custom allications, is there away to connect certain hardware to use the pcie port to a monitor, or will the installed os to  support usb to video, please advise

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          Clayton Hofrock

          I have not seen or heard of anyone who has successfully connected a video card or USB video to the Galileo board.


          There are ways of getting a Linux console. You can connect via Serial post (that Audio jack is not audio it is a Serial port connector), you can connect using SSH over the ethernet, and I think you can connect via telnet over the ethernet. You can also telnet and SSH over WiFi, but that is a little more difficult.


          Even if you do connect a video card or a USB video stick, you may need to connect to the Linux console first in order to be able to setup the video outputs. I am not sure about that, I am not really a Linux expert, and even if I was, the Galileo does not run a full blown Linux image. Though some people have built one for it.