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    DH87RL: MSI R9 270X not recognized/working


      Hello Support Community!


      I build a PC, based on the "11 Watt-PC" Articles in the german c't-Magazine.


      To have more Graphicpower than the buildin Intel 4600HD Gerphics, I added an MSI Radeon R9 270X Gaming G2 Graphiccard.

      After the Assambly of the whole system I run into the following problem:

      The used DH87RL Mainboard: DH87RL AAG74240-403


      The BIOS Version in the beginning (01. Dec 13) was the 0320.


      At first I build the PC without the extra Graphics - everything worked fine (Win7prof 64-bit newest Drivers).

      I inserted and connected the MSI Radeon: no change - internal graphics still active (in BIOS graphic in auto mode) - the BIOS said for the PCIe x16 "slot not populated".

      Updating to Bios Version 0322 did change anything.

      Through advices at the german heise-forum I tried different ways to get the graphic activated: disabling all onboard stuff (lan, audio, tpm, etc.), disabling powersafe mechanism of PCIe (ASPM) which helped other users at this point.

      Even removing the battery didn't help - still "slot not populated".


      Then the newest bios 0323 arrived - my hope raised again.


      I removed the working GeForce GTS450 - made the update with the internal graphic. I disabled again all the above mentioned things and rebooted. Then I installed the MSI Radeon. This time i got 2 beeps - short pause - again 2 beeps. Thats it. No signal on the Radeon nor on the integrated graphic.


      This means, with the newest BIOS 0323, the Board recognises "something". But i got still no signal on monitor, no boot.


      I hope some of you can help me at this point, or have some new ideas?


      Thanks for your help!



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          I am sorry to hear that have had issues with the Intel board.

          The fact that your computer is working with onboard graphics, it means that it's operational; however, it sounds compatibility issue with the graphics card you have installed.

          I need to know what the power supply wattage on your computer.



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            Hello Allan,


            thanks for your reply.

            I use a bequiet Pure Power L8 400W power supply.

            This should be far enough for the used graphic. It also has the needed two 6-pol pcie power connectors.

            I don't think the problem is power related since the fans of the graphiccards started to run every time I started the computer.

            Since the newest BIOS shows a different behavior in recognizing I think it is a problem of the BIOS.


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              So another "Mysterium":


              In the german c't-Forum I found a thread about an XFX Radeon R9 270 not working after standby or when the PC was out for a loneger period.

              It was mentioned, that the Graphics option Primary Video Adapter "PEG" is selfresetting to "Auto".


              With this in mind, and the hint that resetting might help I tested this myself:

              I restarted the PC - my GTS 450 is installed. I changed the option Primary Video Adapter to "PEG".


              F2 to BIOS options -> The Option is still "PEG". Shutdown.

              I changed the GTS with the MSI R9 270x.

              Start. The Mysterium: I got the FIRST and ONLY time a pic on my screen.

              I went into BIOS - checked the PCI - there the MSI is shown with pci x16 and 8GH/s (the GTS only has 2,5 GH/s). I thought "Thats it".

              Reboot - beep beep --- beep beep.

              I tried several resets and other options. I even tried to Force the Primary "PEG" option. But nothing.


              Still no picture with the card.


              Since it worked once it can only be a BIOS and timing Problem of the Board!


              Please make a working BIOS!!!

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                The minimum recommended power supply is 460 W, see technical product specification for your product here:




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                  Hi Allen,


                  don't get me wrong, BUT the fact that the R9 270x graphiccard is running without any problems on an old MSI Board with an AMD Phenom II with 135W TDP and old 400W power supply, this answer ist not really satisfying.


                  I use an i5-4570 with 84W TDP, the graphic is designed with 170W TDP max. so we have in worst case around 300-350W (with RAM, HDD, etc.).

                  The fact with the newest bios it was recognized and I read about other users (in germany) that have the same chip (R9 270x) from different manufacturer (ASUS, Palit) working, I still think this is not a power related problem...


                  I returned the Board to my dealer to have an other in exchange. I hope he will give me one which is working correctly.