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    Fortran compiler and linker


      Please advise how can I convert/recompile old Fortran files [available in WXP 32bit/Visual Compaq 6 and built in the Microsoft developer Studio 98 environment] ie to open/run in W7 64-bit platform? I have a license for Intel Visual Fortran Composer XE 2011 update 11 which I believe is integrated with Intel Visual Studio 2008 to include the compiler and linker. I also have a VisualStudioPro2010 iso image which I have installed in W7 but the product seems to use a validation key.

      However, I am not sure I have the right product for this migration. Is my Fortran Composer XE product infact Intel Visual Fortran within the Microsoft Visual Studio Integrated Development Environment [IDE] and is it suitable to recompile the new fortran executables? If not, How can I do the conversion?


      Here is a rar-compressed example and associated correspondence [once extracted please rename the .exer to .exe].


      Many thanks