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    Serial Communication with Arduino Shields


      How do I access UART 0  from an arduino sketch to communicate with a shield plugged into the Galileo?  I am trying to communicate with an XBee radio on an Arduino wireless proto shield that wants to communicate via pins RXD and TXD of the arduino shield socket.


      Serial.print() commands which would normally send data to these pins only sends data to the host computer as far as I can tell.  I have a scope on the pins.  Any help is greatly appreciated.


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          You may want to try using Serial1, Serial2, Ect, as this board has several Uarts.  I discovered by reasearching other threads that the "normal" ardunio tx/rx pins are controlled under Serial1.


          Good Luck

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            Thanks,  I poked around and found that different arduino boards map the Serial, Serial1, Serial2 etc, software syntax to different physical serial ports on the boards.  It looks like the Galileo is most similar to the Leonardo in this respect.  It would be nice if the arduino site would add the Galileo board to the language reference where these differences are described.  On Uno the pin0,1 serial port is accessed with Serial.print while on Galileo and Leonardo  it is accessed via Serial1.print.  This is kind of a mess.