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    i7 920 cpu tempeature


      hi all,


      i bought i7 920 recently, but i found the cpu tempeature is around 50 (without running any app), 60 degree when convert video(cpu utilization around 50 %)


      the Motherboard is still around 48 - 50 degree. is the cpu tempeature too hot?


      pls kindly advice.




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          Is teh computer crashing, getting BSOD system freezes, stability issues?

          becasue if you are not then the temperature is fine. The CPU will soon start throttling and the shut down automatically when it gets too hot. I know what the official thermal spec say about the CPUs, but even then i have had a e6600 at 88 degrees and it still hadn't shutdown and had only just started throttling. The official max temp was 71.

          hope this helps

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            yes, right. my system shown stable even temperature reach around 60 degree.


            just wanna know this cpu(i7) is hotter if compare with other intel series like quad core....thx your reply.

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              Yep it is hotter than the core 2 duos and quad because it needs more power..130w instead of teh 95w the q9550 needs or the 65w a e6600 needs

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                Hey i just bought a core i7 920 and ausu rampage II extreme and corsair dominator DDR3 6Gb hard drive WD caviar black 1TB..wen i installed all da thngs and startd my pc to boot from a windows vista DVD..at first da pc took a lot time to load da dvd and and than it stuck at da bar where it loads da first files..i restarted coz it usually use to tak a min on my core2duo but here it tuk 20 mins..i restarted and after 2-3 restarts da motherboard gave a message temperature overheat..i mean how to help is both da stock cooler fan and cooler master v10 did this giving temperature around 80-85 C..help me please ive not been able to start and install windows even once on my system

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                  actually , i am a newbie , but just wanna share my experience......


                  if you cooler master v10, should not be like that. no overclock, right?

                  what does your cpu voltage setting?

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                         I have a prob, i doesnt overclock my i7 920 but it'S Temperature is near of 90'C

                    and i doesnt use 20% can you help me?