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    HDMI and DPI Issues HD5000


      Just finished building my first NUC Kit D54250WYK. What a disaster with the Video/Audio.


      Completed build with Microsoft downloaded drivers for Windows 8.1 Pro. Everything was working on test bench, with HDMI plugged straight into 720p monitor with onboard stereo speakers. Thought I was wrapped up. Connected the NUC HDMI to the Marantz NR1402 AVR (HDMI 1.4a 3D compliant) using the mini HDMI port, but the picture was pink (color missing?) and no audio speakers detected by the NUC. The NUC recognized the EDID for the receiver.


      Off to store to exchange miniHDMI to HDMI cable, must be cable right? Bought a couple of different brands. No luck, same result.

      So off to the store to buy different cables,then connected the receiver using a miniDPI to HDMI cable from the NUC. Picture was great, but no audio detected. How strange? Off to the store to buy a couple of different miniDPI to HDMI with  Audio pass thru converters. Connected this up. Picture fuzzy, but colors right and still no audio.


      Back to drawing board. Microsoft downloaded and installed Win 8.1 64 bit, which was newer than Intel support site. But just for laughs, I downloaded and installed the older version from Intel Surprise, now I had fuzzy picture with right colors and "YAHOO" had PCM audio. Changed out miniDPI to HDMI converter to the miniDPI to HDMI cable. Now I had a great picture and PCM audio.


      Next step, back to the HDMI output from NUC to AV, no luck. Just PINK screen colors and no audio. Must be the Intel Drivers right? I really want the HDMI to work off the NUC to the AVR.



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          JAB,  I would like to inform you that the Intel engineering department is aware of this issue and they are currently working to get it resolved. We still do not have an estimate time of resolution but you can keep checking this post for updates.

          In the mean time for this kind of issue we have this work around.

          • Install latest graphics driver. Please choose the operating system you are using and install it
          • Restart the system and access device manager and uninstall the audio driver.
          • Install the audio driver provided by the manufacturer.


          Please, let me know if this worked.