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    Win8 x86 Intel HD Graphics Driver BSOD, version (Win32_15338)


      Hi, we occasionally ran into BSOD with the Intel HD Graphics driver, version


      CPU: i3-3220

      Chipset: B75M

      OS: Win8 x86


      Below is analysis log of kernel dump in WinDbg.


      Symbol search path is: srv*E:\SymbolCache*E:\Symbols*\\rdsrv\symbols*http://msdl.microsoft.com/download/symbols

      Executable search path is:

      Windows 8 Kernel Version 9200 MP (4 procs) Free x86 compatible

      Product: WinNt, suite: TerminalServer SingleUserTS

      Built by: 9200.16384.x86fre.win8_rtm.120725-1247

      Machine Name:

      Kernel base = 0x81270000 PsLoadedModuleList = 0x8145ade8

      Debug session time: Tue Jan  7 10:21:31.540 2014 (UTC + 8:00)

      System Uptime: 0 days 0:00:52.210

      WARNING: Process directory table base CED4E480 doesn't match CR3 00185000

      WARNING: Process directory table base CED4E480 doesn't match CR3 00185000

      Loading Kernel Symbols




      Loading User Symbols

      PEB is paged out (Peb.Ldr = 7f24f00c).  Type ".hh dbgerr001" for details

      Loading unloaded module list



      *                                                                             *

      *                        Bugcheck Analysis                                    *

      *                                                                             *



      Use !analyze -v to get detailed debugging information.


      BugCheck 7F, {8, 80fb9000, 0, 0}


      *** ERROR: Symbol file could not be found.  Defaulted to export symbols for igdkmd32.sys -

      Probably caused by : igdkmd32.sys ( igdkmd32!hybDriverEntry+63977 )


      Followup: MachineOwner



      0: kd> !analyze -v


      *                                                                             *

      *                        Bugcheck Analysis                                    *

      *                                                                             *




      This means a trap occurred in kernel mode, and it's a trap of a kind

      that the kernel isn't allowed to have/catch (bound trap) or that

      is always instant death (double fault).  The first number in the

      bugcheck params is the number of the trap (8 = double fault, etc)

      Consult an Intel x86 family manual to learn more about what these

      traps are. Here is a *portion* of those codes:

      If kv shows a taskGate

              use .tss on the part before the colon, then kv.

      Else if kv shows a trapframe

              use .trap on that value


              .trap on the appropriate frame will show where the trap was taken

              (on x86, this will be the ebp that goes with the procedure KiTrap)


      kb will then show the corrected stack.


      Arg1: 00000008, EXCEPTION_DOUBLE_FAULT

      Arg2: 80fb9000

      Arg3: 00000000

      Arg4: 00000000


      Debugging Details:




      BUGCHECK_STR:  0x7f_8


      TSS:  00000028 -- (.tss 0x28)

      eax=b786d138 ebx=b786d500 ecx=000701ac edx=8822a000 esi=882a8234 edi=c0000001

      eip=8dcc27e7 esp=b786cffc ebp=b786d120 iopl=0         nv up ei pl zr na pe nc

      cs=0008  ss=0010  ds=0023  es=0023  fs=0030  gs=0000             efl=00010246


      8dcc27e7 56              push    esi

      Resetting default scope




      PROCESS_NAME:  svchost.exe


      CURRENT_IRQL:  9


      EXCEPTION_RECORD:  9295c2c0 -- (.exr 0xffffffff9295c2c0)

      ExceptionAddress: 81345d51 (nt!KiInterruptMessageDispatch)

         ExceptionCode: 02a00016

        ExceptionFlags: 9295c2c4

      NumberParameters: -1933483778

         Parameter[0]: 00000000

         Parameter[1]: 8d075020

         Parameter[2]: 00000000

         Parameter[3]: ffffffff

         Parameter[4]: 85faf280

         Parameter[5]: 813df400

         Parameter[6]: 000000a2

         Parameter[7]: 01000909

         Parameter[8]: 00000000

         Parameter[9]: 00000001

         Parameter[10]: 00000000

         Parameter[11]: 00000001

         Parameter[12]: 00000000

         Parameter[13]: 00000000

         Parameter[14]: ffffffff


      TRAP_FRAME:  b786dbcc -- (.trap 0xffffffffb786dbcc)

      ErrCode = 00000000

      eax=006f0068 ebx=00000000 ecx=0000000e edx=aaa8ddec esi=aab33b8c edi=00000004

      eip=8136bbcd esp=b786dc40 ebp=b786dc4c iopl=0         nv up ei pl nz na pe nc

      cs=0008  ss=0010  ds=dc4c  es=dccc  fs=0010  gs=0004             efl=00000206


      8136bbcd 8b02            mov     eax,dword ptr [edx]  ds:dc4c:ddec=????????

      Resetting default scope


      LAST_CONTROL_TRANSFER:  from 8dc5fb3c to 8dcc27e7



      WARNING: Stack unwind information not available. Following frames may be wrong.

      b786d120 8dc5fb3c 8822a000 000701ac b786d138 igdkmd32!hybDriverEntry+0x63977

      b786d13c 8dd9047b 8822a000 000701ac b786d1f4 igdkmd32!hybDriverEntry+0xccc

      b786d150 8de235a0 882a8234 b786d170 8ddd29ec igdkmd32!hybDriverEntry+0x13160b

      b786d15c 8ddd29ec 882a8008 b786d1f4 8828e000 igdkmd32!hybDriverEntry+0x1c4730

      b786d170 8dc4214a 8829c000 b786d1f4 8822f624 igdkmd32!hybDriverEntry+0x173b7c

      b786d204 8dd094bf 8822a000 b786d94c 8822a000 igdkmd32+0x2c14a

      b786dab4 8dd09add 8822a000 00000000 b786db18 igdkmd32!hybDriverEntry+0xaa64f

      b786dac4 8dcbc40f 8822a000 b786db40 b786db74 igdkmd32!hybDriverEntry+0xaac6d

      b786db18 8dc37cd3 8822a000 00000000 00000000 igdkmd32!hybDriverEntry+0x5d59f

      b786db78 8cc1612a 8822a000 00000000 b786dc4c igdkmd32+0x21cd3

      b786db8c 81345d63 9295c2c0 8d075020 00000000 dxgkrnl!DpiFdoMessageInterruptRoutine+0x2c

      b786dba0 813df46d 9295c2c0 8d075020 b786dbcc nt!KiInterruptMessageDispatch+0x12

      b786dba0 8136bbcd 9295c2c0 8d075020 b786dbcc nt!KiInterruptDispatch+0x6d

      b786dc4c 8617dca0 aaa8dd90 aab33b30 0000006a nt!memcmp+0x16

      b786dc90 8617e5cd 00000000 b786dccc 0000000c NETIO!MatchValues+0x151

      b786dcf0 8617b76d a42fb938 b786e22c 8aba75f8 NETIO!IndexHashClassify+0x25c

      b786df20 8228f757 0000002e b786e22c 8aba75f8 NETIO!KfdClassify+0x25d

      b786e170 82298668 b786e22c 00000000 b786e1c7 tcpip!WfpAleClassify+0x50

      b786e344 82299268 ab51ae28 0000002e 00000017 tcpip!WfpAlepAuthorizeReceive+0xd4f

      b786e564 8228ea5d 00000017 00000011 88662d10 tcpip!WfpAleAuthorizeReceive+0x320

      b786e65c 82294551 00000011 00000017 00006c07 tcpip!ProcessALEForTransportPacket+0x2d6

      b786ea5c 822954bd 00000017 00006c07 00003dcc tcpip!WfpProcessInTransportStackIndication+0xb5e

      b786ead8 822960b7 ab51ae28 00000017 00006c07 tcpip!InetInspectReceiveDatagram+0x105

      b786eb98 82295d8b 8861a410 00000020 ab551020 tcpip!UdpBeginMessageIndication+0x4f

      b786ec54 822959f9 a43f5c6c b786ec80 b786ec84 tcpip!UdpDeliverDatagrams+0x9d

      b786ed04 8229561f 8861a410 ab551020 b786ed40 tcpip!UdpReceiveDatagrams+0x251

      b786ed14 82292962 b786ed24 823572f0 8861a410 tcpip!UdpNlClientReceiveDatagrams+0x12

      b786ed40 822925d0 00000011 00000000 823572f0 tcpip!IppDeliverListToProtocol+0x3a

      b786ed7c 822920c9 823572f0 b786eddc b786edd4 tcpip!IppProcessDeliverList+0x53

      b786ee08 82280d2e 823572f0 b786ee44 82359a98 tcpip!IppReceiveHeaderBatch+0x1c1

      b786ee68 8227fe48 ab551020 ab551020 88662d10 tcpip!IppLoopbackIndicatePackets+0x35c

      b786f138 82285751 b786f184 823572f0 00000001 tcpip!IppLoopbackEnqueue+0x2e9

      b786f1c0 82284faa 823572f0 8abfb444 8abfb444 tcpip!IppDispatchSendPacketHelper+0x4ea

      b786f270 82283e64 8861a410 82357554 00000006 tcpip!IppPacketizeDatagrams+0x2b0

      b786f31c 8228af70 00000004 823572f0 aaa08008 tcpip!IppSendDatagramsCommon+0x66a

      b786f338 8228ba55 88647ed0 b786f3f8 00000000 tcpip!IpNlpSendDatagrams+0x42

      b786f5a8 8228bf04 00000000 00000000 b82245a8 tcpip!UdpSendMessagesOnPathCreation+0x4d4

      b786f798 8228c22a b82a3d40 b786f81c 81320370 tcpip!UdpSendMessages+0x1cd

      b786f7a4 81320370 b786f864 f3f2d0ed 00000000 tcpip!UdpTlProviderSendMessagesCalloutRoutine+0x13

      b786f81c 8131ffcf 8228c217 b786f864 00002400 nt!KeExpandKernelStackAndCalloutInternal+0x38b

      b786f83c 8228b3fb 8228c217 b786f864 00002400 nt!KeExpandKernelStackAndCalloutEx+0x1f

      b786f880 8ce97c8c b82245a8 b786f898 b2bc6dd8 tcpip!UdpTlProviderSendMessages+0x55

      b786f8d4 8ce97952 b2bc6dd8 ffd175c7 7fff0000 afd!AfdTLFastDgramSend+0xc6

      b786f990 8ce86573 b786fa50 00000000 00000000 afd!AfdFastDatagramSend+0x1fd

      b786fb00 814b87b2 b2bc6dd8 00000001 01e9eb20 afd!AfdFastIoDeviceControl+0x56e

      b786fbb0 814b85c9 887b6bc8 000004fc 00000000 nt!IopXxxControlFile+0x1cd

      b786fbe4 813db2fc 00000400 000004fc 00000000 nt!NtDeviceIoControlFile+0x2a

      b786fbe4 77636954 00000400 000004fc 00000000 nt!KiFastCallEntry+0x12c

      01e9ebe8 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 0x77636954



      STACK_COMMAND:  .tss 0x28 ; kb




      8dcc27e7 56              push    esi




      SYMBOL_NAME:  igdkmd32!hybDriverEntry+63977


      FOLLOWUP_NAME:  MachineOwner


      MODULE_NAME: igdkmd32


      IMAGE_NAME:  igdkmd32.sys






      FAILURE_BUCKET_ID:  0x7f_8_VRF_igdkmd32!hybDriverEntry


      BUCKET_ID:  0x7f_8_VRF_igdkmd32!hybDriverEntry


      Followup: MachineOwner