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    BSOD recurring on DC3217BY please help resolve


      Hi Intel Community and Team,


      I'm hoping you all can share some advice.


      I recently bought and successfully put together the DC3217BY, installed Windows 7 64 bit Service Pack 1, and was ready to use, but noticed BSOD over and over again. Its come to a point, where the computer starts and within minutes of doing anything, it crashes and leaves me dmp files. Although I barely get time to view the files before it decides it wants to BSOD again. Please help. I really wanted to make this an HTPC, I didn't realize this much goes into setting up a kit.


      After searching the web for possible issues, I decided to check the memory diagnostic tool, and yes it does say hardware problems, how can I be sure thats the case though? All the tool said is please contact the manfucturer for more information. The interesting thing is, when I bought the memory, it said it's compatible on the manufacturer's website with the Intel Nuc. Any suggestions?


      Thanks in advance,



      Attached are the latest 3 dmp files (there are prior ones too if you'd like to see please just request) s

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          I am really sorry for the issue.


          If the Windows* memory diagnostic tool found an issue then it is possible one of the memory modules is not working properly, try testing one of the memory modules at a time.


          When a Blue Screen of Death occurs usually is a good idea to test with the minimum hardware configuration or undo recent changes. Therefore, you may also want to remove any additional devices such as wireless adapter or others. Then, if the issue does not occur you may add one device at a time until you find the culprit.


          I hope this helps.