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    Intel HD 4600 > 3 monitors @ 1080p


      Hi. I am planning to build my Desktop PC with an Intel DH87MC m/b and an i5-4440 processor. [The onboard graphics are Intel HD 4600, the m/b has 3 video outputs (hdmi/dvi/displayport) and the processor supports 3 displays]


      I also have 3 Samsung monitors with HDMI and DVI inputs on all three and all of them have a native resolution of 1920x1080 @ 60HZ


      My questions are:


      (1) will this config run the 3 monitors at their native resolution, if I simply connect them to the m/b via a DVI cable to one monitor, an HDMI cable to second monitor and an HDMI cable to third monitor using a  DP to HDMI converter?


      (2) If it will run in the afore mentioned config, does the DP to HDMI converter need to be passive or active?


      I just need to be sure of this because I can only order the m/b, processor etc once where I live and returning anything for a refund will be a problem if something isn't compatible/working


      Thanks in advance for any clarification/help

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          Hi GG,


          The DH87MC will provide the capability of having three displays at the same time.


          When using HD 4600 controller, even with VGA you can get the 1920x1080 resolution. This means that in extended mode this resolution can be used at the same time in all monitors. We strongly recommend using direct connection (no adapters) because the signal can be affected; however, we have heard from other customers that active adapters work much better than the passive. In other words, you can try adapters but we do not guarantee the correct functionality of the device.

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