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    Faulty E6850 within warranty but lost receipt - Help?


      Hi there, I recently found out that my Core 2 Duo E6850 Processor had somehow developed a fault. My games were crashing within a few minutes of playing them, I couldn't even reload either Windows XP or Vista on my system and after spending a small fortune chopping and changing many parts I finally decided to change the CPU and now my system is running 100% solid. I thin the fault is on the first core as I ran a number of Prime95 tests on it and it always failed on the first worker window.


      Now my problem is that I split up with my now ex partner and moved away and I have no receipt or original box for the CPU so how could I possibly go about getting an RMA for this? I cant even remember exactly when I bought it but I know it was in November 2007.  Can anyone help as I am seriously out of pocket because of this and need something back from it.


      Thanks in advance