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    DZ87KLT-75K Power Issues


      Just put together a new system, when I go to turn it on, it powers on (all fans turn on, including CPU) for less than a second and immediately turns off.  NO codes (00, 00) but the Diagnostic LED does show a CPU HOT red led.  I have checked the CPU and re-applied thermal grease, but this had no effect, I seriously doubt the CPU overheating is the real issue as it is never on for more than 1 second.


      I have checked all power connections, and removed all non-essential peripherals.


      Here is a video:


      Any ideas?

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          Adam, you may want to test your system out of the chassis just to avoid any grounding issue.

          Please use minimal configuration such as motherboard, processor, power supply and 1 memory stick.


          Would you please provide me your system configuration?

          • Processor model number:
          • Power supply:
          • Memory:
          • Any additional device: