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    Intel HD Graphics 4k Dedicated VRam


      Hello everyone, my name is Ronnie, I'm opening this discussion because i have some questions.


      I bought a Samsung laptop that has the following characteristics Intel Core i5 3210M boosted to 3.1Ghz | 4GB Ram | Intel HD Graphics 4000 | Windows 7 32Bits


      I have seen that the characteristics of the graphics card says minimum graphics memory of 64MB and maximum 1696MB graphics memory. Does this mean that the graphic memory goes up when a game or any program needs it? Because i have some games that request 256MB of VRam and i don't know it they will work. And it if not, there's any way to have a bit more of VRam?


      Excuse my english, isn't too good at all, hope you can understand my question if not, i'll find the way to do it

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          Hi YoungZmoker,


          It is important to say that the VRAM available in the system depends on the limitation set by the computer manufacture.


          The VRAM most of the times is set to 64 MB as default but it can be changed at the bios level but it will dynamically increased depending on the software requirements.


          In this case, I recommend you checking at the BIOS or with your computer manufacture to confirm what is the maximum VRAM available in your unit.