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    DG45ID Video problem with ADD2 Card


      I saw a discussion with a problem similar to my own but I did not want to hijack it.






      I have a DG45ID and I need a composite signal from the ADD2 (Prolink PV-CH7315) which would be sent throughout the house via an agile modulator. The Prolink has HDMI, S-Video or Composite and Component outputs.


      When I plug in the Add2 Card, the DVI and HDMI on the motherboard is disabled. Before I plugged in the ADD2, I had the HDMI on the motherboard set up to output 1280x768 to my Toshiba 42h83 big screen TV. Acceptable but still not great.




      When I could not get an output on the DVI or HDMI on the motherboard I connected the composite from the ADD2 to my TV and it was outputting a composite signal at 1280x768. After a reboot, with the Toshiba connected to the ADD2 cards HDMI, the resolution is now reset to 800x600. It now only allows 1024x768 as the highest resolution both on the composite and on the ADD2 HDMI. 1280x768 is no longer available although it is obvious it does work.

      Is it possible to disable the ADD2 HDMI and still allow composite output or get a higher resolution from the ADD2 HDMI?
      Is there a way to modify the DTD for the ADD2?





      My ultimate goal is a Dual Display Clone setup to have a presentable display on my big screen Toshiba 42H83 (DVI) and also create a composite signal with the ADD2 which would connect to an agile modulator.





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