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    intel c state help


      i have a laptop. i recently installed windows 8 pro 32 bit on it. it has a 64 bit processor. and now when i bootup from sleep mode it always comes up with the error WHEA_Uncorrectable_error. it is so annoying. even when i doing urgent work it automatically shut down with out notice.


      I already posted a topic on windows community who told it a prob with intel c state ... reference link -Windows 8 pro 32 bit Crash error - Microsoft Community

      My laptops' specs are as follows-

      RAM- 2 GB

      Processor- Intel Pentium T3400 at 2.16GHz

      Os- Windows 8 pro 32bit
      Motherboard - Toshiba Portable PC
      Made in Europe

      Model- Toshiba Satellite L300
      Please help me as soon as possible..

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          Minhaj007, there are some settings on the BIOS that you may need to disable.

          Please disable C6/C7 power states, C3 should be enable.

          You can also try disableling the Intel Speed Step and Intel C Step technologies in the BIOS. However, since you have an OEM system may need to contact them for any other chance that should be made.