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    DZ68BC Core-i 2nd Gen to 3rd Gen Upgrade


      I have an opportunity to upgrade my system from an i5-2500K to an i7-3770. I read as much about this as I could find and went through a somewhat troubling BIOS upgrade from version 27 to version 39.


      I tried installing the i7-3770 and it did not go well. The board did not boot though I got some beeps and the fan started and stopped several times. (This behavior was very similar to what happened when I loaded BIOS 35, after which the power supply failed.) I reinstalled the i5-2500K and the system is back to normal operation.


      Before I go any further I would like to confirm what else I should be doing to prepare this board for a 3rd generation CPU. I noticed today that there is a BIOS 42 available - this was not showing up a week ago. Should I install this? Also, I don't think I understand the Management Engine requirements. The Intel-provided schematic for preparing the board mentions the ME upgrade to level 8, but does not specifically state anything about doing this or enabling ME8. It only states that you have to have a BIOS which supports it, which I do. Are there other changes that I should be making to the management engine?

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          I had awful issues when I tried to build a system using this board and an i7-3770. In the end I ditched the board and built the PC using a different manufacturers board.


          I have since reused the board with a 2nd gen processor and a bios downgrade to Bios35. There a several threads about this board - it's worth reading through them. (a lot of Rants unfortunately, but you will learn the various issues with the board along the way.)


          As to what to do. Follow this guide rigidly in order to upgrade the BIOS - do NOT deviate from the guide...Very important!



          Maybe go back to bios 35, which may be more stable, then use the guide to try to go to a newer bios. It looks like some users had luck with Bios 39 - I did not.


          I've not seen any reports about Bios 42 yet - If all else fails it is worth a try.


          My feeling is this this board had extreme issues with the i7-3770. It's not beyond the realms of possibility that Bios 42 fixes those, but I've seen no indication either way yet (still early days - Bios 42 only went public yesterday)


          Good luck, whatever you choose to do.

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            Yea, I read all those posts on the BIOS 35 issues. When I loaded BIOS 35 my system completely died - I mean lights-out, dead. It turned out to be a failed power supply (how does that happen?) and I was able to get on to BIOS 39 after putting in a new power supply. BIOS 39 seems very stable with the i5-2500K.


            Do you know anything about ME8? I saw it noted in the Intel upgrade schematic, (bottom, middle diamond) but Intel does not say anything about how to turn on ME8 or even exactly where it resides (in the the BIOS, I think). Several posters had mentioned this and seemed to think ME7, or its presence with a 3rd gen CPU may be at the heart of the problems.

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              1: Using recovery method go back to or re-install BIOS 0035 while using your i5-2500K then after recovery replace it with i7-3770 it should work.


              2: Update the BIOS to any other 003X if need be but be warned they have issues too Intel ME issue and PCH issue 0.0


              3: BIOS 0042 fixes the Intel ME and PCH issue, but there is some lingering issue after words on three out of 4 memory banks not too fatal just more of an inconvenient restart right after boot up, but with the DIMM closest to the CPU this doesn't have issue and has never had issues, so you can update to 0042 gradually going through the other 003X BIOS or going straight from 0035 to 0042


              And yes I updated my DZ68BC to 0042 as i have been running an i7-3770 on it since June 2012, but the DZ68BC is not my main board got tired of waiting for a fix so i moved to DZ87KLT-75K and i7-4770K and it also has its own issues.


              More about BIOS 0042 will be on its thread that was started yesterday

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                @RemoNonaz I had similar issues (beeps, fan spinning on and off) with my i7-3770. Sometimes it would work several days without failing to boot, sometimes it would be many, many attempt boots before it kicked in and worked for a while. Once running it was stable until the next attempt to boot. My intuition (after about 38 years digital electronics and IT experience) was that the board was falling over extremely early in its boot cycle, whilst the CPU and memory timing was getting set up (duff values maybe? - a bit too close to the edge?)


                Nit sure about the ME7/8 question, but following the flowchart will update the correct one, and that is one of the reasons that following the flowchart is important.


                I doubt that the motherboard bios update process could kill the PSU, It sounds like bad luck. However fiddling inside a system, swapping processor, maybe even reseating motherboards in the case, it would be quite easy to physically short something out.


                @stephenb.b.r Can you refresh my dynamic memory? (I now tend to forget things after a few nanoseconds! ) What was the three memory sticks issue? I'm currently using 4 x 8GB Kingston sticks in my system (32GB ram with an i5 CPU), Using Hyper-V on win 8.1 as an IT test rig (I had seven windows 2012 servers and two workstations running on it a couple of weeks ago ) Will the memory issue affect a four stick configuration with a newer BIOS?

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                  I think what I was missing in the document http://download.intel.com/support/motherboards/desktop/sb/6series_update_flowchart10.pdf is:


                  "With current generation

                  processor installed,

                  update the board to the 3rd

                  Gen-Ready BIOS version

                  or later, using Recovery

                  Update method "


                  I have not been using the recover method - just standard thumb drive upgrade. I will check my ME level in the BIOS and go from there.


                  Assuming I am at ME7 and need to do the recovery BIOS upgrade, what revision of the BIOS should I use? I am presently at 39.


                  Also, I have noted one post that said putting the BIOS into default settings before upgrading is important. I do not see this statement anywhere in Intel's instructions. Is this correct? My setting are not far from default, but I have not been defaulting them during upgrades.

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                    I checked the BIOS. The ME firmware version is Should I proceed with a recovery reload of the BIOS at this point?

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                      I have not tested it with 4 Modules at once but i assume it should not have the restart issue as the first DIMM closest to CPU might keep it in check, plus the issue was when i was only using 1 module of memory, so probably today i will take my 2 16GB Kits 4 x 8GB from home to my office and test it with all 4 modules and see. meanwhile if you can test it please do and report back.



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                        When you say, "then immediately after that, replace your i5-2500K with the i7-3770", do you mean do the BIOS flash and then swap the CPU before even turning the system on? Or do you mean, flash the BIOS, confirm with the i5 - then change the CPU?

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                          after you are done with the process shut down your pc, make sure all power is gone from the board then remove the 2500k and put in the 3770

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                            OK. I'll probably give it a go later today. I am planning to use BIOS 39 instead of 35 - Intel says "transition or higher", so this should be OK. I'm not comfortable with 0035 at all. After all is settled I'll use the express BIOS to upgrade to 0042.

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                              It's a done deal. I performed the recovery BIOS upgrade to BIOS 0039, which went through with full status indications shown on the screen. Then I shut the system down and installed the i7 CPU and turned it on. It booted right up, Windows launched and the only thing off was the video. The screen was not formatted right and only one monitor was working. I went to the support site and got the updated video drivers and installed them, which solved the display issue. There were a couple of other drivers that may need to be be upgraded, but nothing critical, there were no exclamation points in the the windows device manager.


                              I ran the express BIOS upgrade to update to BIOS0042, which ran successfully and reported a proper upgrade, but a check of the BIOS shows that I'm still at 0039. I'll take care of that later with a thumb drive upgrade. Windows 7 had no complaints with the change and all seems well with the system. It's a bunch faster, but otherwise is the same as before.


                              Thanks for your help.

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                                Just wanted to note a couple of points from my experience with the 0042 BIOS upgrade.


                                Using my admin login in Windows 7 x64, I downloaded and ran the express BIOS update.

                                I watched the update process reboot the machine and update all components successfully.

                                Only unexpected thing happening at this point was that when I expected the system to boot after updating, the machine powered off and stayed off - I had waited at least 30 seconds in case of automatic power on and boot but it did not happen in my case.

                                When I pressed the case power on button, the system booted fine and I logged back into admin account to let the express BIOS update process complete - it taken 30 seconds or so to log in and then reported the BIOS upgrade was successful. Perhaps this step is the key to why some people saw the old version reported after otherwise appearing to update successfully.

                                When I again restarted and went into the BIOS setup the new 0042 version number was reported. The ME had stayed at 7.x. More on this in a minute

                                I think the system feels more responsive on the 0042 version - I had been using the 0039 since around the time that was released. No new instabilities detected as yet.


                                On the ME version

                                It is my understanding from these forums that the express BIOS update updates the ME firmware to version 8 for those using 3rd gen processors, and leaves it at version 7 for those using 2nd gen processors. I am running a 2nd gen CPU and 0042 has left my ME at 7.x

                                It is also my understanding that it is important to match the ME version driver in Windows with the ME version number reported in the BIOS setup, which once I understood this, and implemented, relieved my system of some instabilities.

                                Note, if the BIOS setup reports ME 7.x, you will need to go hunting and searching on Intel's site for the latest 7.x driver, as it does no longer appear to be available under this board's downloads list.

                                What I have found out regarding ME that may actually help some is that I have recently been in contact via email support from an Intel representative, and when I summarised this understanding to her, she advised me that yes the express BIOS update may not update a 2nd gen system for ME 8, but if I want ME 8 I can do so by performing the Recovery BIOS Update method, which will update ME to version 8, despite my processor. I have chosen not to do so as I am happy leaving and running on ME 7 since that is what the express update has done, but on her advice if others really want ME 8 and are having trouble getting it, the recovery method is what I suggest using the 0042 version for those who have not already tried this - hopefully this advice is correct and will clarify the issue - and enable those who want ME 8 to install that firmware on this board

                                One other point worth remaking is make sure the ME 8 driver is installed to match the ME 8 firmware after updating. Probably good advice is to uninstall the ME 7 driver before doing the recovery BIOS update so that this will not clash with the ME 8 firmware once it installs