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    Inter Graphics HD 3000 driver v15. crashing and restarting on Windows 7 Pro x64




      So here is my problem : I recently updated my intel graphic drivers to the last available version for my computer. But the driver keeps crashing randomly, after a few display glitches. Sometimes I'm in a game that is not even using Intel Graphics (I have a NVidia in parallel), sometimes I'm just opening a web browser, or watching a video in it (happened with both Chrome and Firefox), sometimes it happens even before I logged into my session at the starting screen...



      What exactly happen when it crashes : my screen start glitching, turning on and off certain lines of pixels, freezing on a unique colour, then completely switch off. Sometimes it restart by itself, sometimes I have to close the screen of the laptop and reopen it to trig the restart (as I configured closing the screen as "switch on/off the screen"). And if I'm logged on a session a pop-up of Windows Action Center tell me that "the driver of Intel Graphics HD 3000 for Windows 8 crashed and have been restored".


      So I would like to know what I could do to stop those random crashes, and maybe what is the last stable version of the driver for Windows 7 x64 so that I can install the old one.


      Thanks to precise if any other informations are needed to help me with this problem.