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    ProSet 16.7 wi-fi software install issues for 6230N adaptor


      I have a Dell XPS L702x Windows 7 professional  64bit os PC.

      I updated the driver and software for my 6230N wireless adaptor many times from the Intel web site with no issues.

      I tried updating my 64bit Pro set wireless software and diver for my centrino 6230N wireless adapter from software version to version 16.7 

      The driver updated successfully to version: and the ProSet wireless software installed successfully but the Pro-set wireless WIFI Connection Utility would not start and said that I needed to re-install the ProSet software. I tried repairing Pro-Set software install and the ProSet WiFI Connection utility and still did not work.  The Pro-Set repair tool made matters worse and  I actually received errors after using the Pro Set repair tool saying I was missing DLL's.

      I had to do a system restore to go back to the old software.

      I contacted Intel support and was told the 16.7 software should work for the 6230N adapter and was informed to totally uninstall the pro-set software and Blue tooth software and My Wifi Technology software and then do a install.

      I removed the old software and drivers and the new drivers installed correctly but still had the same issue that the Pro-Set software would not start after the install.  

      Did anyone with a Windows 7 64bit software and 6230N adaptor get the 16.07 Proset software update to installed correctly or have issues like me?

      Can Intel verify that this software really works for a Windows 7 64bit os 6230N adaptor?

      I don't feel this 16.0\7 Pro-Set software is NOT just a issue with my PC and will not work for any Windows 7 64Bit os with the 6230N centrino adapter.