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    What should Recovery BIOS update feel like?




      Performing a RECOVERY BIOS update.  Does anyone know what state the machine will be in as this occurs.


      My machine is repeatedly flashing all the drive LED's and I hear a whir of I assume the HDD than a pause and it starts again.  Just curious if I am on the right path or it is already caught is some loop.

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          Will report back later on overall stability of USB ports with BIOS load 0116.  Persistence did pay off as far as getting a successful BIOS burn to work.  Both the RECOVERY method and BIO method seem to be touch and go.  However, the ISO method worked like a charm.  I used ImgBurn's free DVD burning utility that created the image without a hitch.

          Here’s to hoping I solved my dilemma.  Hmmm no should I upgrade to Windows 7…

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            Hello BustAGut,


            I am glad that you managed to solve your issue with the update. Actually, i was planning to answer you tonight. Anyway, that's good.


            Yeps, Recovery thru CD and Iflash are my best method that i used.


            Iflash - you just need to make a dos bootable usb stick and download the iflash image on the root directory of the usb, then run the command iflash.exe /pf xxxx.bio or iflash2.exe /pf xxxx.bio.


            How to make USB bootable: Download BOOTFLASHDOS TOOL


            Tips: If you extract the ISO image, you will see that there is a batch file inside which corresponds to the same above command. You can just copy this batch file to the dos bootable usb and run the batch file instead.


            Note on some new Intel board, there is a new method thru F7, it is the easiest one now.



            All the best,