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    Does DZ87KLT-75K support the Core i3-4330T?


      Does the DZ87KLT-75K board support the Core i3-4330T processor? I have been reading:




      The Core i3-4330 is listed as supported. The Core i3-4330T is not explicitly listed as supported. In the case of I3-4130 however, both i3-4130 and i3-4130T are explicitly listed as supported, so I expect that the i3-4330T would have been listed as well had it been supported? Or? Adding to the confusion, non-Intel forums on the Internet list the i3-4330T as being supported by DZ87KLT-75K.


      Has the documentation simply not been updated, or are there technical obstacles to using the Core i3-4330T with the DZ87KLT-75K board?


      Edit: Apparently the compatibility database was updated right after I made this post, the link changed to:




      The listing are still the same though. Actually, it seems as if the i3-4330T processor is not in the database at all although it has been launched.