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    Scaling/overscan issue with newer Intel 4000HD drivers


      I recently updated my Media Center PC (3rd Gen Core i5 w/ 4000HD, Windows 7 x64) to use the latest available Intel graphics driver ( Now it seems that the desktop extends beyond the display area of the TV. Whereas in an older version of the driver/utility I could change scaling to resolve this, in newer versions of the driver changing scaling does nothing.


      My MCPC is connected to an Onkyo TX-NR709 receiver via HDMI (1.4a I believe), which is in turn connected to a Samsung UN55D8000 LCD TV (also via HDMI). Resolution is set to 1920x1080/60P.


      I tried the prior version of the driver available (from 9/2013) and that also fails to properly scale.


      Nothing else in my setup changed, just the Intel driver.


      The older version of the driver utility (the one that was all blue) worked, but this newer version doesn't appear to.


      Any ideas? Is this a known issue?


      Thanks for any help.

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          Hi superboredom,

          I am sorry for the problems you are having but let me help you.


          Based on your description, I recommend you setting in your computer the Native resolution of your tv and once you have done this, you need to check the resolution settings in the TV.


          In case you do this and continue having problems, please post here you graphics report by opening the Graphics and Media Control panel> Information Center> Save.

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            Hi Kevin,


            Thanks for the response. Sorry for my delayed response.


            The PC is set to the native resolution of the TV 1920x1080@60p. The TV detects the input properly as 1080P.


            As for the graphics report, it looks like you're referring to the older version of the Intel Control panel, which is not included in this driver. Nor does the previous hot key combination seem to bring up the information center. The current "Intel HD Graphics Control Panel" is the white one with the Display/3D/Suppport/Video/Options squares. No information center as far as I can see.


            The scaling setting just refuses to take and always reverts back to "Maintain Aspect Ratio".


            Any other ideas?



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              You can find the Information Center under Options. Once the TV recognizes the input properly, you need to play with the options in the Graphics Control Panel and then apply and save.