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    Rapid Storage failed - raid 10


      if anyone has experienced this problem:

      My problem with RAID10 it dawned on 1 hd broken and already substituted.

      and another outside "member disk".



      is there any way to recover my raid?


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          WebSistemas, unfortunately since the system is seeing two hard drives as non-RAID disk, and the RAID status is “Failed”, it is not possible to recreate or rebuilt the array.


          There are specific files saved on the disks in order to keep the array functioning, however these files are saved automatically and randomly in the drives and if for any chance one of these disks fail, the RAID cannot be recover.


          If the status of the RAID is degraded you would be able to replace the defective hard drive and rebuild it. There is a 50/50 chance the RAID could be rebuilt without problems.


          If the RAID status is failed, that means that the structure was corrupted since the beginning, like in your case.