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    Power settings in the bios


      Looking at this screenshot posted by another user Kelvin (thanks), for power settings in the bios, there is a drop down menu for 'After Power Failure' . Could you tell me what the options are please?


      I'm hoping there is a setting that will reboot the NUC on return of AC power.


      I did check the manual but couldn't see any information on this.




      Nuc bios power settings 2.png

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          Hi passingbat,


          In the drop down menu of “After Power Failure” you should find three options. Check below for the description of each one:


          Stay Off: after power is restored, the system stays off until the power button is pressed.

          Last State: after power is restored, the system returns to the last power state before power was lost.

          Power On: after power is restored, the system automatically powers on.


          You can check this information at the NUC Bios Glossary by accessing the following link:


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            Thank you very much for the fast reply Kevin.


            That is what I wanted to hear, as I need boot from return of AC power loss functionality.


            I want to use this as an HTPC and since posting the original question, I have come across this thread on sound issues:




            Also there are threads on problems with people finding a converter that definitely works to get VGA video output.


            Both of these issues have put doubt in my mind as to the suitability of the NUC for my use as an HTPC for my requirements.


            That is a shame because the NUC, coupled with a fanless case, would have been a cheaper solution than the standard fanless HTPC solution.


            Thanks again.