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    Dell E5420 Black Screen after HD3000 driver install


      Hi everyone,

      I am attempting to reinstall the operating system on my Dell E5420 laptop. Everything is fine until I try to install the driver for the integrated HD3000 graphics.
      When I install the graphic driver and restart the computer I get the starting windows screen, then it goes to a black screen without backlight and never comes back on.
      If I connect a external monitor thru the VGA port on the side it will display while the internal is still blank.
      If I delete the Intel driver and windows installs a basic video driver the screen will work.
      I have tried 3 different operating systems- Windows 7 64bit and 32bit, and Windows 8
      I also tried updating the BIOS to the latest A13 and tried multiple revisions of the graphics driver from Dell and Intel with the same result.

      If anyone has any ideas of things to change or check I would greatly appreciate it.


      Dell E5420 with a i5-2520m processor

      Also tried a i7-2670qm processor with HD3000 graphics from a HP DV7 laptop with the same results. ( The HP graphics work fine )