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    HD4000, full HD and hdmi


      Hi to all and happy new year,

      I have a problem with my HD Graphics 4000,

      When I connect my Samsung tv 32" through an hdmi cable something strange happens.


      The Info box on TV, shows 1920x1080 at 60Hz, but the real resolution is 1280x720.


      The only way to get the full resolution on tv is use "collapse" inside multi screen section.

      With this option I get a unique monitor of 3840x1080px.


      This is my pc specs.


      CPU: intel 3rd gen. i3 3225

      RAM: corsair 8 gb

      M/B: Asus P8H77I

      Main HDD: Samsung SSD 128gb


      OS: Windows 8.1 64bit

      Driver: 18/12/2013


      As you can see the tv info shows 1920 but the real resolution is 1280


      My other monitor (a 22" Dell) connected through DVI works well at 1080p.WP_000507.jpg

      Thank you in advance