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    DH61WW Video error (no add-in graphics card installed)


      Hi Team,


      I am facing a problem with the DH61WW motherboard.


      Below is the discription of my error:
      On-off (1.0 second each) two times, then a 2.5-second pause (off), the entire pattern repeats (blink and pause) until the system is powered off.


      Can you please provide any resolution for the above issue. Any help is greatly appreciated.


      Many people suggested to reset bios, but can u please confirm how to resolve such kind of issues.


      Vamshi Singam.
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          Hi vamshi,

          Based on your description the problem may be related to video problem. There are many steps you can but I would like you to try the following:


          1. Take the board outside of the chassis (if possible) and disconnect all components from the board. Make sure you disconnect the power Supply (PSU), the bios jumper and the battery for about 20-30 minutes.
          2. Once this process has been done, reconnect the system with minimum configuration (1 memory Stick, PSU of 460W or higher, no Video cards connected)
          3. Reset the bios settings by pressing F9 while In the Bios interface.
          4. If issue persists, test different hardware if possible (different processor, boards, PSU, memory).


          It is important to mention that if you changed the Processor from a second generation (Sandy Bridge) to a third Generation (Ivy Bridge), is necessary to update the bios first to make the system fully compatible. Let’s remember that the 3rd generation processors are compatible with 6 series boards but with a bios update.


          In the case you are still having problems after doing the steps above, I recommend you contacting your local support for possible replacement.

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            Hi Kevin,


            Some parts of the motherboard is not getting power. So ordered for a replacement.


            Thanks for the prompt reply.