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    Noise Level Query of Servers R1304RP and R1208RP

    Howard Simons


           Can anyone comment on the noise levels of the Xeon E3 v3 based R1304RP and R1208RP Server Systems?

           I share my home office with a computer cabinet so I have to be concerned about the noise levels of any equipment I mount within it. I have 4 of the old Xeon E3 (v1) based R1304BTL servers and they are very quiet.  They have their moments when those little fans spin up but the vast majority of the time noise isn't a problem.  I was wondering how the R1304RP and R1208RP compare to the older R1304BTL servers.

           I was leaning towards the single power supply R1304RP as it will likely be the quieter of the two but the R1208RP would be preferable otherwise.

           Any feedback would be appreciated.