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    Blue led inside nuc




      When i power my nuc off the blue led inside the nuc is still on, plus does the nuc always stay a little warm? Im pretty shure my nuc is turned all the way off and it still feels a little warm ( a little!) and the blue led inside is on and can be seen rhrough the front usb.


      Is this normal? DC3217BY



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          So i located the blue light, its on the msata (Adata SX-300 64GB)

          drive. Why is the msata drive getting power and getting warm when the nuc is shut off? Is this a bios preference? Its a pain in the *** to pull the power plug all the time.


          The nuc is completly off (DC3217BY), even when i just plug it in to the wall outlet without touching the power button the blue led on the msata drive is activated and the disc generates heat. bild 1.JPG

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            Charlie, are you getting that behavior only when the msata is installed on the NUC?

            Which BIOS version do you have?

            Are you using the thermal pad?


            If you are experiencing any kind of overheating please check the following link and follow the instructions in that document.


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              Im on the latest bios. ( updated the bios a week ago) 00046 file from your site.


              Its not overheating, but msata disk is warm even when the computer is turned of and the blue light on the msata is on. if i pull the powerplug from the wall, it cools down and the light goes off immediately. So the msata drive is getting power from the connection when the computer is off, wich in its case generates heat. Not scorching hot but the disk is warm. And i dont want the computer generating heat when its turned off.


              I´ve just ordered a intel 525 drive to see if it has the same behaviour.


              But my question is, can the msata take power from the computer even tough the computer is turned off? Can the computer give the disk that option? Or is it a faulty nuc?

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                CharlieB it is totally expected for the msata to received power even though the system is off. There are some settings that require that energy in order to work as desired, for example if wake on LAN is enabled, or any “boot from” option setup on BIOS.

                We tested a DC3217BY NUC, but using an Intel SSD. Our SSD does not have leds, but we noticed that it gets a little bit warm. I’m pretty sure it is due to the Smart connected Technology and the Fast boot technology that comes on it.

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