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    Series 530 data migration software hangs after reboot


      My multiple attempts to migrate data to a 240 GB 530 Series SSD have failed.  I have a new Dell XPS 870 desktop with i7 processor running Windows 7 Profession on a 1TB Seagate HD.  I partitioned and formatted the SSD as K: drive, although I'm not sure that's necessary for the Intel Data Migration Software to work.  The new SSD appears in Windows Explorer and Disk Management as K: drive.


      Using the Intel Data Migration Software, I get can the process to the reboot, after selecting the target and destination drives for the data migration.  I then see the Acronis software trademark and a DOS screen for a split second, but then the computer freezes on a screen showing "Intel Data Migration Software; Processing, please wait."  There's an hourglass but I can't move it as in Windows.


      What could the problem be?  I've tried turning off antivirus and firewall software, disconnecting Internet access, and running the program as administrator, but nothing works.  Help me Intel Support Community, you're my only hope.


      Thank you in advance!