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    Mouse is locking up DP45GS - Help


      I just performed a MB swap on my machine. My ASUS MB crapped out so I upgraded to an INTEL DP45SG. I have all of the lattest MB Drivers installed. Most everything seems to be working great. But I have occasional mouse lockups. I noticed that under the device manager I have to mice listed:


      HID - compliant mouse (MS driver) and
      Logitech HID-compliant MX510 Optical Mouse.


      I just disabled the more generic one. Was that my problem or do I have to dig deeper?

      Vista 64 OP


      It still is happening.  I'm trying to perfrom a BIOS upgrade.  Using the Express Method.  Computer seems to get stuck after the initial reboot.  I'm going to wait at least 10 minutes is this common or do I need to try a different method.  If so which method would you suggest.