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    DP67BG board 5A postcode error and no video "00" status code


      Hi Professionals, I have a desktop with :

      DP67BG Motherboard

      Intel i7 2600k Processor

      4*3(12gb) DDR3 1600 Corsair Vengeance

      Corsair GS700 PSU

      128GB Verbatim Solid State Drive

      Sapphire HD 5670 DDR5 1GB PCI Express 2.1 Graphic Card


      It was running awesome. Lately I had to clean up the dust accumulated....  when fixed everything I faced an issue with two beeps and and other two beeps and postcode with 5A after a few secs I see the postcode 00 and I receive no video to the monitor.

      I've worked through every possible by others help posted related to 5A errors but no luck.

      Please help!



      Edward Agnel