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    I want to put HD in specific order.  How do I accomplish that?


      I have the DX79SI and recently had to start fresh.  I let tech guys reset my system and they ended up putting the OS on Disc 1.  I have 5 HD in system and for every system I ever had the OS was always on Disc 0.  This causes a problem as I can't restore data to original location as it is looking for Disc 0 with the OS.


      I have swapped the SATA cable (from HD) numerous times and I can't get the OS to be Disc 0.  I unplugged the Disc 4 drive and attached the SATA a drive I used as external backup (through USB) and it then became Disc 0.  If I unplug all cables but the OS drive, it becomes Disc 0, but as soon as I attach others, the order changes.


      There has to be a way to permanently change this so it isn't random.


      Any thoughts?