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    USB optical drive lost after Intel driver installation


      I built my new PC with the DX58SO mobo, i7 CPU and NVidia 9800GT graphics card yesterday.  I then installed my copy of Windows XP with SP2.  The next thing I did after this was to install all the drivers that come on the Intel CD-ROM in the DX58SO package.  Then I tried to install the NVidia drivers, but the PC no longer recognised the USB optical drive.  This is a brand new drive.  I uninstalled the Intel drivers, but this USB drive remained unrecognised.


      I connected the USB drive to another USB port and it worked.  This time I installed the NVidia drivers first without problem, followed by installation of the Linksys wireless PCI card drivers, again without problem.


      Then I re-installed the Intel drivers and again lost the USB drive - it is not recognised by the system again.


      Could this be a problem with the Intel drivers?  Or might it be that the USB drive has damaged the USB prts somehow?


      How can I check and what should I do next?




      Graham Hicks

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          Hi there,


          I got this on three different boards. (DP45SG, DX58SO and another board)


          Some extreme cases where after installation of the chipset driver the usb mouse and keyboard fails to work.


          - re-install the windows
          - update the service pack.
          - install lan driver.
          - update the windows.
          - then install the rest of the drivers from the website directly.


          Possibly for you as well, it will be fixed like mine.


          All the best,




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            Hi there,


            Thank you, that did the trick last evening.  It seems that the latest dirvers for that chipset are not compatible with the older version of Windows that I have.


            Just for the record, the USB keyboard and mouse had no problems, it was only the USB drive that suffered.