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    D54250WYK Triple displays




      I have recently attempted to setup a D54250WYK using three Dell U2414H Displays and daisy chaining display port cables.


      My first attempt on got me display on my first monitor and nothing on the other two. I purchased some new cables thinking that was the problem. My connection looked like


      mini-D | DSP > DSP | DSP > DSP | DSP


      With this setup I was able to get the same display on the first two monitors but could not span them and only one monitor would show up in the graphics control panel.


      So I changed the cables again.


      mini-D | DSP > DSP | mini-D | > DSP | mini-D


      With this all three monitors come up but are clones. I cannot span them and do not see three separate displays in graphics control panel.


      I ordered a mini-d to mini-d cable that will show up tomorrow. I don't know if that will help or not. That cable will connect the NUC to the first monitor. I only am trying that because I could only get the cloned monitors to come up with mini-D inputs.


      A little more info:


      OS: Windows 8.1

      Ram: 8 GB

      Monitors: Dell U2414H



      Any help would be great. I have updated bios, video drivers and installed monitor drivers. Also upped the amount to video ram to 1GB.


      Thank you