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    New graphics card keeps showing 5a error




      Few weeks ago I bought myself a new graphics card Radeon R9 270X. When I followed a tutorial how to change graphics card, and rebooted it, it kept showing this 5A error. At first I was confused and then searched up the internet what to do. I did completetly everything, take away rams and other disks one by one, try searching for solution through BIOS and other things but none of them worked. Booting always stopped at 5A error.

      Then I thought that maybe my motherboard is not compitable with this gpu ( Intel DX48BT2(B) ) but I'm pretty sure it should run fine with it.

      Also a week ago my friend said that the problem is because of BIOS itself, that it does not support this graphics card. I always had the latest BIOS version, so I think I have to ask for a new BIOS version, supporting Radeon R9 270X gpu. I'm not sure if this is the place but if it isn't, please show where or give other solutions for this problem.