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    i5-3570k OC problems, Incite?


      Ive had my i5 since Feb 13'. Oc'd after a couple months of researching do's and dont's. Installed EVo212 CPU cooler and set OC to 4.4GHz with VCore offset to +.085v (ASRock Extreme4 mobo). Ran Prime95 and monitored temps. Ran hot ~85C - 95C (Core#1 always 4-10C higher than rest) across all cores but was stable. Ran all programs fine and temps never got that high besides in stress test. Now, reran Prime95 recently and core temps have dropped after AS paste has had time to set. Got curious and started dropping VCore to see how low I could go and how much temp I could knock off. Got voltage down to +.015v and runs stable in Prime and temps have dropped to mid 80's (exception Core#1 running low 90's), but some programs crash. Have increased VCore up to +.050, temps rise, Prime test stable, but crashes on some progs still. Firefox especially crashes at random now. BSOD sometimes, freeze up sometimes... nothing really to consistent. My question is why? Ive read posts of people OC'd to 4.5GHz with VCore @ 1.310v using the same cooler and running cooler. But I crash at 1.312v @ 4.4GHz with Prime95 stable test...


      Let me rephrase my question(s): Why will it run stable in stress testing but not in apps? Why does Core#1 run hotter than the other 3? (others have same issue) Should I disable Speedstepping? Disable turbo? Is 1.312v not getting the job done? Should I stay in Offset or go Manual on VCore? (Readjusted by .005 increments from +.005v to +.040v and seems to be okay now?) Is cores running at 85 - 95C okay? <- Current temps running Prime95 for 30min. (VCore offset +.040v)

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          Darrell, it is very important to let you know that we don't recommend or support over clocking any of the internal components such as memory, video or processor.  This practice could decrease the lifetime of the processor and it could damage it. In addition to that there is no warranty support for that practice.


          Please keep in mind that when a processor is over clocked, it increases the core voltage at the cost of system stability, power consumption and heat dissipation. The reason why there is 1 core reporting higher temperature is because the CPU chooses one randomly and uses it more than the other cores.


          What I would recommend you is to access the BIOS and reset default settings. Then, test the system without being over clocked and check the behavior.


          Thank you for your understanding.

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            I know the potentials in overclocking as Ive done my research. I understand you have to tell me that in order to alleviate any liability. But saying Intel doesnt support overclocking is like NASCAR saying they dont support speeding. Intel releases K series processors for this very reason just like Cadillac releasing V type models. No matter, I have corrected my issue. ASRock's offset voltage was causing the problem. Once I changed it to fixed and set it to 1.31v, Prime95 tested fine for an hour @4.5GHz and ran 3dMark w/o crashing. Still having high heat, so I dialed back to 4.3GHz @ 1.29v and temps dont go past 85C except on Core#1 which is always 5C higher. 3DMark Benchmark hardly noticed. Think I lost 5 marks. Oh well, system is stable.


            Thank you for your assistance in informing me on Intel policy though... much appreciated.