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    Computer Assembling


      Hi, I'm new at assembling computers, so I need some help, please.

      Although I bought my laptop 3 years age, It is getting old in comparison to developing new technologies. I want something wouldn't get older in a long time.

      Intel can provide processors, motherboards, video/audio cards, SSD and wi-fi/ethernet - everything that is needed to assemble computers. I want my computer to run on both Linux and Windows for home, development and gaming, without any problems.

      What is the best combination of these product models to have a good computer that will last long? Is there any issues I didn't consider?


      Thanks in advance.

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          As general advice in the process of building your own system, you may want to first define the components options to a form factor that will match the specific use the system will be built for, and the budget of course.


          Start choosing motherboard and processor options; for example, since you mentioned gaming, an option could be an ATX board with the Intel® Core i7 or Intel® Core i5. Consider how much you want to expand your system in terms of components (amount drives, graphics or other add-on cards) and choose a power supply for future needs and go from there.


          Desktop Processor Comparison Guide




          Usually this process involves some research first and there are a few online tutorials from reputable sources too, but if you want someone to help you building the system you may contact an Intel® partner here: http://locate.intel.com/