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    CIR power on used to work


      I have 2 NUCs (D34010WYK) with identical hardware and software.  Both CIR receivers work when the OS has booted but now only one can be started from the powered off state using a MCE remote.  I am using the same remote for both.  Both NUCs have v22 BIOS installed and have default settings loaded except wake on LAN is disabled.


      I did set this unit to deep S4/S5 sleep but when I came back to it a day later nothing would wake it, not even the power button.  So I removed the CMOS battery and was able to get back into the BIOS and reset to defaults.  Power button is fine now.


      I've also tried v18 and v21 BIOS.


      The other unit has no issues whatsoever since I never set deep sleep on that one.