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    windows 8.1: Is it worth the risk?


      I now have W8 installed in my NUC and it is working fine. The Vole has alerted me to the fact that I can download and install W8.1 free.
      Does 8.1 offer enough improvements to warrant the risk of screwing up my system?
      Also has any one had a successful install of 8.1?

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          I'd avoid it for now


          I installed it on my Windows 8 laptop, which has 32gb of RAM and a Samsung Solid State Disk drive.  I was flying along until I went to 8.1

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            I've installed it on a couple of touch-enabled devices and it was an improvement over Windows 8 in terms of stability.  It also makes navigating through Metro a bit easier.  I've heard from a number of people that have had problems with it.  I wouldn't think you'd get much out of it on a NUC because there's no touch interface.  Also, be aware that for many widi receivers the 8.1 update "breaks" widi.  It did on two of my devices.  I'm still researching the fix but it seems to be a combination of firmware for the receiver and graphics & wireless drivers for the system.