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    64 bit or 32 bit for D2550


      We are reseller of mini-PC systems and somehow we got confused regarding some CPU's if they are capable of working with 32 bit or 64 bit OS.

      One of the mini-PC's has the D2550: see Q28 at www.delmation.nl/mini-pc

      On intel information I can see 64 bit, mini-PC manufacturer also indicates 32 and 64 bit OS, but manufacturers of Panel-PC systems (complete with LCD) indicate 32 bit only for the D2550.

      What is the real story?


      Kees van der Drift

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          Hello Delmation,


          All Intel® processors are capable of handling a 64 bit instruction or operating system. Sometimes happens that OEMs or computer manufacturers decide to create 32 bit drivers only for their units and not 64 bit drivers.


          I recommend you to check with the computer manufacturer if the unit is capable of handling 64 bit operating systems but I can assure you that all Intel® processors are capable of this.

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            D2550 is a full 64 bit CPU. But it still has 64-bit driver support issue. Not sure why Intel has not come up with all the 64-bit drivers...