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    DX58SO Only Restarts Now


      I'll try to make this brief. I sleeved all my fan wires & as I was reassembling, I started the machine a couple times & shut down using the switch on my PSU. I think this is what corrupted my BIOS. When I was done, I had no video signal. I tried switching out video cards & PSUs. During this process, sometimes the machine would start for about 8 seconds, shut down briefly, start again & continue to run. It seemed random whether it would restart or keep running. I removed all my memeory & got the 3 beeps. I removed the battery for 30 minutes to clear CMOS & now it restarts every 15 seconds.


      I still have a bootable usb drive with only the SO4014P.bio & IFLASH2 on it that I used to flash my BIOS a couple weeks ago. I removed the jumper, disconnected all my peripherals, & inserted the bootable usb into a port on the back of my mobo, but the drive didn't light up indicating any action. I did note that the machine quit restarting with the jumper removed. I tried this on all my usb ports on the back of the mobo.


      I'm at a loss as to what to try next. How do I get my mobo to recognize the usb device so that it will do a bios recovery?


      This is my system currently.


      I7 965


      OCZ DDR3 6 gigs

      AVC Hercules CPU cooler

      2x eVGA GTX260-216 65nm

      Ultra X3 1000 watt

      WD Raptors in RAID 0

      Coolermaster HAF 932

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          Does anyone have any suggestions?  I guess my next move is to pull the mobo from the case, remove the battery for a day, then hope it posts so I can do a BIOS recovery flash.

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            Update: It turned out my problem was the cpu. I had bought a different mobo & still had problems, sent the Intel mobo & cpu into a lab & they verified that the mobo was ok, but the cpu was "unresponsive". The technician speculated that it was caused from ESD, but I don't see how that's possible, because the cpu was under a cooler sink when it failed. The lesson I learned was not to use my PSU to shut off the machine unless there's no other option.