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    HD 4400: Can't turn off "Maintain Display Scaling"


      Hello there,


      I recently bought a laptop and notice that "Maintain Display Scaling" continuously messes up applications. Some examples:


      -Any application with a resolution lower than native (1920x1080) results in the application being stretched to full screen at whatever resolution it was set at. At this point all sorts of issues crop up, from mouse positions being in the wrong location to display issues.


      -Using Fullscreen on some applications with any resolution lower than native results in no resolution change. Instead you are given a window of the same size as the resolution you set the application at with the remaining space being taken up by a black border.


      Both issues can be fixed by manually going to the application .exe properties and dickering with scaling options there. While this works it also means that it needs to be done for every single application.


      These are highly disruptive issues and a constant annoyance. I'd like to turn "Maintain Display Scaling" off but there's not option to do so unless I change the laptop resolution to non-native, which completely defeats the purpose of this in the first place.


      Does anyone know of a way to disable this, maybe in some sort of settings file somewhere?