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    Intel Centrino 6235 terrible performance issues



      I removed a centrino N-1000 card and replaced it with the Centrino Advanced-N 6235. Connected to the router (d-link 825, fw 2.09) on the 5Ghz SSID.  Ping time to the router jumps from 1ms to several hundred, download speed on 5Ghz is at 2-3MB/sec, 2.4 drops to 700KB from 3MB/sec.


      Testing order in this case was 5Ghz and then 2.4.


      Rebooted laptop, connected to 2.4 SSID, transfer speeds at 10MB/sec with ping at 1ms. Thinking the reboot fixed this, moved

      over to the 5Ghz SSID. Back to a 2MB/sec download, flipped over to 2.4 (no reboot) and I'm back to high ping times and very slow speeds.


      Reboot, stick to 2.4 and I've got 1ms and 10MB speeds again.

      I'm running the current Intel drivers, Wireless_16.7.0_Ds64.exe, drivers is showing as in Device Manager

      I've got -47dB on 2.4Ghz and -67 on 5.0Ghz and inSSIDer is giving both of them a Link score of 100


      Anyone seen this sort of behavior before and what I can do it fix it?