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    Intel Rapid Start (irstrtsv.exe) keeps waking secondary Hard Disk


      I have successfully installed Intel Rapid Start (driver version on my Asus Motherboard (H87M-Pro) with Intel H87 chipset.

      Everything works OK except that a process related to Intel Rapid Start (irstrtsv.exe) keeps waking up my secondary hard disk.


      Hard disks are partitioned as follows:

      1. Samsung SSD (840 Pro, 256 GB)

      200 GB partition for Windows 7.

      16 GB partition for Intel Rapid Start.

      rest is unpartitioned.


      2. Hitachi 5K3000 2TB hard disk

      One large partition. This hard only contains bulk data and is only needed very rarely.


      Since I do not need access to the data on my Hitachi hard disk very often, I have set the hard disk sleep timer in my Power Options to only 1 minute, which makes sure that this hard disk is always asleep.

      This worked well until I installed Intel Rapid Start today, and found out that the the disk would only sleep for a minute or so, and then woke up again.


      How can I stop irstrtsv.exe from accessing my hard disk?

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