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    HD Graphics 4600 HDMI Audio problem


      Im using a Thosiba Notebook Satelitte P-70-A with Win7 x64

      i7 4700mq, 8gb RAM, hd Graphics 4600, geforce GT 745m

      If i connect The Notebook with my TV the audio on HDMI dont work.

      Ive installed the latest driver from the Intel website and it also dont worked

      Ive installed the lates driver of the Toshiba website and it also dont work


      If i uninstall the graphics driver i can see that the hdmi audio output appears in the audio output devices

      BUT if i install the driver, during running the setup the hdmi output disappears.


      Ive conntacted the toshiba support and has got the answer: we know this problem and waiting for an fix from intel, the driver dont work from intel.


      Has anyone any idee to fix this problem?


      sry for my bad english im speaking german.


      Thanks Alex