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    Graphic Drivers causes D54250WYK  to crash constantly


      I have recently bought a new D54250WYK but I am having problems with it where if I install the the Intel graphic drivers then the device will crash and turn off if I attempt to do anything (load up programs, access websites). If I use the default generic Windows' drivers the device is stable and I am able to use the device without any issues, but the problem with staying on the generic Windows' drivers is that I have no sound being output from the HDMI even if I manually update the drivers for the audio device only so that control panel displays "Intel(R) Display Audio", it seems I need to have the graphic drivers for any sound to be sent through HDMI.

      I have updated to the latest BIOS on the website (0022) and I have tried both and graphic drivers but the results remain the same. Please can you let me know what if there are any other drivers I can try. I am trying this is on Windows 7 x64.


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          Do you have only 1 display adapter listed at Device Manager?

          I remember once I had a similar issue caused by a citrix virtual display adapter which used XP model driver and it turned out Windows doesn't support XP and WDDM display drivers at the same time.

          Also, I had an issue with my D54250WYK displayport being not able to resume if  I change my monitor to another video source and then back to displayport. It was fixed by latest driver, with build number 3379, so maybe worth trying to update driver. I think this driver was installed by Windows Update because it is not listed at Intel`s support page.

          I am running Windows 8.1 Pro 64 bit.

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            Hello incognitokk,

            When the system crashes as you say, are you getting a BSOD or it just freezes? Can you also post your dxdiag report here?

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              Hi Kevin,


              When I mean the system crashes, the system just powers off, I do not see a BSOD at all. Also I'm not sure how to attach the dxdiag to my current post so I will attach to my original post.


              @ yigi - Yes I only have the single display adapter list. I have also tried to download the 3379 driver manually but seems I am not able to upgrade to it, I guess it may be for Windows 8 and not Windows 7.