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    BSOD after a new motherboard and Intel 4440 processor was installed.



      I am hoping for some advice as to a way forward.

      I have recently intalled a Gigabyte B85M-D3H motherboard with the intel i5 4440 processor. (both compatable) I have clean installed Windows 7 Home and the gigabyte drivers.

      In device manager I can see the processor drivers.

      I cant update Windows 7 because I cant get on the internet.


      This is a description of my problem. I can get windows to load but as soon as I try to connect to the internet my VGA screen crashes and I get the blue screen of death. I am thinking  this is a graphic issue as before it crashes the screen flickers and changes colours. I am using the integrated graphics. I do have a radeon card I could put in but I really would like the accelated graphics to work


      I have tested my 8gb DDR memory and it reports no issues.


      I would be very grateful as to any advice or steps to help me move forward. I am not a computer whizz but niether am I computer illiterate, so any advice in basic steps would be much appricated 


      Thank you in advice