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    Mesh and ARDUINO


      is there somebody who can explain this

      i have create a small software with arduino which contains the mesh line given be the mesh web site

      i can see my Galileo board with meshcentral, i can start the terminal, i can get ifconfig response,.....

      i have sent a reset (reboot on the mesh audit log) and i loss the communication with my galileo

      i have to turn off the power and on to restart the galileo

      nb: the mesh was running on sd on the galileo board

      WHY the galileo has not restarted ?



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          Clayton Hofrock

          This is a known issue. The current firmware does not support reset. This problem has nothing to do with mesh. If you press the reboot button on your galileo board the same thing will happen. (being that it will try to reboot, but does not do so successfully, and the only was to recover the board is to do a hard power cycle)

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