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    Not-Working DVI and HDMI on 4600?




      Driver issue with new ASUS Z87 PRO mainboard and new CPU i5 4570 (1150).

      I connected PC with DVI-D (single link) to not that old (3 years) monitor SAMSUNG XL2270HD.

      With clean install both Windows 7 x64 (professional and enterprise) generic windows driver work perfect with DVI connection.

      After installing MEI and chipset drivers, restart in both cases, start installing graphical Intel HD 4600 driver
      _ v9.18.10.3186

      Connection was still on DVI-D (single link). After restart, only thing that I was able to see is Windows post boot screen. Picture was gone when entering Windows.

      Connect VGA cable, and have what to see, Windows log on.


      I have try all driver version there is,,,, but nothing works for me.

      Now I install latest version (, but issue is still present.


      Interesting to observe is that I have tried DVI-D (dual link), still no progress.


      Also, when you install new driver (any version) on clean Windows and go to restart, picture automatically switch to VGA (like it is default), and there is no DVI or Display port or HDMI available for monitor or for extend or duplicate monitors.

      When  you override installation of graphical driver, after entering to Windows with VGA (same version to previous installation before restart) connectors DVI and DP start working (no restart after installation), and you can switch to those. (Same workaround as disable or enable in device manager)


      The soon as you go for restart, DVI, DP, and HDMI are goes dead.


      I hope Intel can came with some solution for solving driver problem.
      Best regard to you alI


      p.s. I will send dxdiag, as soon as I will get home.