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    DH87RL Memory issue




      I have built a new computer with a DH87RL mainboard, a i7-4770S processor and 2X 4GB G.SKILL F3-12800CL9D-8GBXL DIMM's, which are named in the Tested Memory List for this board. When I install the 2 DIMM's according to the integration guide in Slot 1 and 2 I get three beeps after power on which leeds me to a memory error. I have allready tested two other DIMM's from another computer without success. The only way to get the computer working is to install them in Slot 2 and 4 without dual-channel operation. Any installation in channel A results in a memory error.


      Any idea?


      Thx and br


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          Ralf_65, which is the current BIOS version of your motherboard? It might need a BIOS update, but I would prefer if you can provide me that information before installing a new BIOS version.


          Please let me know if you are able to boot to the operating system using one stick of memory on DIMM #1?

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            Hi Sylvia,


            a BIOS update to the latest version available on the support server was the first thing I have done, but without success. Also using only one DIMM in slot 1 I have tried without success.


            Had a phone call with one of your colleagues from the local phone support in Germany yesterday morning and after our discussion his impression was, that it is a hardware deffect. So I will return the board to my local dealer.


            Thank you for your support and kind regards