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    Satelite L50 laptop with southbridge revision 04?


      I bought a Toshiba laptop with Intel i5-4200M and Haswell chipset on 29 November 2013 from a retailer. At the moment of purchase, I was not informed about the Haswell chipset USB 3.0 erratum by the retailer. But today when I connect a USB 3.0 16gb thumbdrive, and I put the laptop to sleep mode, and I turn it back on, I cannot access my usb 3.0 thumbdrive. At last, I have to reconnect the usb 3.0 thumbdrive to make it work. I assessed the laptop with CPU-Z software , it shows a revision 04 at the southbridge. Is this laptop a C1 stepping product that comes with the usb 3.0 bug? But Intel stated customers will receive C2 stepping product after 31 July 2013, indeed I bought this laptop in November 2013…What should I do? contact Toshiba? contact Intel? or return the product to the retailer? Thanks in advance.